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Realistic Sex Doll Rental Service

How does this work? 


  1. Select a realistic sex doll from our collection

  2. Choose a service. (Incall or outcall)

  3. Complete the reservation form and submit.

  4. Check your email for DocuSign: Denver Doll sent email. Check your spam as well

  5. Read and confirm reservation by completing and signing.

  6. Once completed credit card authorization form is received, you will receive a confirmation text/email of your payment and itinerary.

  7. For incall service; we will setup the sex doll at the hotel of your choice and text you the room information 15mins prior to your reserved time. For example, Room 222. The room key is located behind the “Do Not Disturb”. At the end of your incall reservation, we ask that you leave the room key in the room and “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door upon your departure.

  8. For outcall service, we will deliver discreetly to your place of residence in a black travel case. Our staff will notify you once delivery has been made via text. At the end of your reserved time place to travel case outside your door for our staff to retrieve.


Still have questions?


In-Call Service

When using our in-call service choose from our list of hotel locations.  Select the hotel nearest you, we will reserve the hotel and set the sex doll up for you.  No need to check-in at the front desk we will leave the room key behind the "Do Not Disturb Sign".  The room number will be sent via text 15 minutes prior to your reservation time.  Condoms, lubricants and cleaning kit will be provided.  No person-to-person interaction is required.

In-Call Locations:

Aurora - 6801 Tower Road

Denver/Cherry Creek - 1975 S. Colorado Blvd

Northglenn/Thornton - 345. W. 120th Ave

Fort Collins - 3709 E. Mulberry St.

Longmont/Firestone - 11228 Business Park Circle

Out-Call Service​

Experience your sex doll reservation at the comfort of your residence.  We will discreetly deliver to your home, hotel room and etc.  The sex doll is transported in a black travel case.  The travel case will be delivered to your door, and we will notify you via text once delivery has been made. At the end of your reservation time place the travel case outside your door for our staff to retrieve.  No person-to-person interaction is required.


Our Sex Doll Collection

Our Sex Doll Collection features sex dolls from top leading brands. Our realistic Sex Dolls is made from Silicone & TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) giving them a flesh like feeling to the touch.  The Sex Dolls metal structure allows the sex doll to bend in positions a person can.  All our realistic sex dolls have three orifices for your enjoyment.



Is this a real thing?

Yes, this is a real thing! People all over the world are curious about sex dolls and want to experience one. Some may not have the financial freedom to make such an expensive purchase, without first experiencing it. Denver Doll Ltd offers both in-call & outcall rentals, giving people the ability to truly experience a high-end sex doll.


What are the dolls made from?

Our sex dolls are made of silicone and TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) which gives it a realistic feel and appearance.  The metal structure allows the doll to bend in positions a person can.

Is this legal?

Yes, it's legal.  These are realistic dolls and not actual people.


How much does a rental cost?

Renting a doll starts at $190.00 for 2 hours.  Each additional hour is $75.  Client may be responsible for paying a portion of hotel cost for in-call services.  A delivery fee may apply to all outcall reservations.

Will you protect my privacy?

Your privacy is one of our top priorities.  Denver Doll Ltd will not share or sell any information we obtain from our clients.   On your billing statement, our charges will appear as "Denver LLC" and we do not send endless emails or call you unless you ask.  

Are these dolls or people?

In fact, these are realistic dolls and not actual people.  Our dolls are designed with such accuracy it closely mirrors a woman in every physical way.


*How clean are these dolls?

Our dolls are extremely clean.  We cleanse our dolls inside & outside with hospital-grade antimicrobial soap.  Next, the dolls are wand with a UV Sanitizer light that kills 99.9% of viruses and germs.  Then, the doll undergoes a black light process to confirm the doll is clean and ready for use. Finally, the doll is powdered and stored.  


Do people really use this service?

Yes!  Men and couples use Denver Doll Ltd.  

How is the doll delivered?

A Denver Doll Ltd Representative will deliver the doll in a discrete black traveling case.  Please list any special instructions needed for delivery in your reservation request.  


Why can't I pay cash?

Due to the fact we do not require a deposit, in addition, to protect our assets and to maximize your discretion.  Very similar to when you rent a car or a hotel room.


Are there any extra fees?

For outcall services, a delivery fee may apply.  Clients are also responsible for covering a portion of the hotel cost.  Additional fees may apply if the doll is excessively dirty, damaged or stolen. Or if any items included with the rental are missing and/or damaged.