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About Us


Denver Doll Ltd is Denver, Colorado's first realistic sex doll rental service.  At your place of residence or one of our many hotel accommodations, our sex doll service allows you to create your intimate fantasy and desires.   Our collection of realistic sex dolls are designed with such accuracy it's hard to believe it is not real. These are more than sex dolls, they're a true role-playing partner.



We cleanse our dolls inside & outside with hospital-grade antimicrobial soap.  Next, the dolls are wanded with a UV Sanitizer light that kills 99.9% of viruses and germs.  Then, the doll undergoes a black light process to confirm the doll is clean and ready for use. Finally, the doll is powdered and stored.  

Denver Doll Ltd Realistic Sex Doll Renta

Choose Your Body Type

At Denver Doll Ltd you can create the woman of your dreams.  Our realistic sex dolls are available in many shapes and sizes.  Choose the body type you love.


& Busty

This realistic sex doll has the perfect set of tits and a nice bubble ass.  


Cup Size: DD

Height: 5'1

Weight: 65-80 lbs


Hair Color


Select a cute and sexy hair color to enhance your Denver Doll attraction to your desire.  Make her super sexy by choosing from our large selection of hair options.

Denver Doll Tori White Lingerie


From lace to bodysuits, your Denver Doll will look amazing in one of our sexy lingerie sets.  Let us know if you have a special request.


Small Breast

This realistic sex doll has small boobs, a slim body, and two handfuls of ass.  


Cup Size: B

Height: 5'1

Weight: 65 lbs


This realistic sex doll has big curves, huge boobs, wide hips, and a big round ass!


Cup Size: H

Height: 5'2

Weight: 104 lbs

Rent A VR Headset With Your Denver Doll

VR Headset

Add a VR Headset to your reservation to watch hot adult content in virtual reality.  This definitely helps intensify your experience making it even more realistic.  





We provide hotel accommodations for our clients to discretely and conveniently enjoy their experience.  We have many in-call locations throughout Colorado.

We deliver discreetly to your place of residence.  The doll will be in a black travel case.   A delivery fee will apply.

Check out our reviews and testimonies.  Read what real clients are saying about Denver Doll Ltd.    


Check out our reviews and testimonies.  Read what real clients are saying about Denver Doll Ltd.    

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